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i went to disneyland today, with my pops, and boy did i eat alot

This is what i consumed today. be warned, a true fat man is among you....

pizza dog
mickey mouse ear tortilla chips
half of an itialian chicken sandwich.
2 glasses of sprite.
vanilla milkshake.
raspberry lemonade icee
bag of red licorice wheels.
4 mozzarella sticks
french fries
chips n guacomole.
tamarind soda!
chicken quesadilla
caramel bread pudding
3 soft tacos
3 hard tacos
del cheeseburger
half an order of chili cheese fries
1 cup of mr pibb
1 cup of root beer
1 cup of cherry coke
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man, at disneyland, that would cost like twice my life savings.

(please disregard that my life savings is like a 2 digit number.)
yeah. my dad had the cash i guess. but from the tamarind soda on, it was del taco food. not disneyland.
that IS pretty fat. what are mickey mouse ear tortilla chips?
they are just these tortilla chips shaped like cute little mickey mouse heads. ears and all. they werent that tasty though, i didnt finsh them.
holy fuck, I don't think I could EVER top that. I'm having trouble believing a human can consume so much food.
yeah its alot. although, i have eaten more in my heyday.