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12:47am 19/01/2008
  join my comm, talkin_snack! it's gonna be rad!  
Lets get this going again... 
04:19pm 23/11/2006
  it IS thanksgiving afterall.

♥ ♥ ♥
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09:23pm 16/07/2004
mood: blank
today consisted of a lot of eating.

1.5 bowls of rice chex
2 glasses of orange juice
2 bowls of spaghetti
3 black cherry sodas
1 strawberry soda
1 egg salad sandwhich (that made me feel gross afterward)
1 grilled cheese from in-n-out
1 bag of lays potato chips
1 large cup of dr. pepper.
1 LAARRGGEE chocolate chip cookie
2 bowls of ice cream
2 huge spoons of peanut butter
1 glass of milk (eaten with peanut butter)
829 crackers
salmon and cream cheese (eaten with crackers)
2 glasses of apple juice
1 peach
1 apricot
... and i'm sure i'll probably eat something else for good measure before i go to sleep.

fat fattingly yours,
me ♥
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a story, about roast beef 
05:44am 27/06/2004
mood: FAT
okay, some of you know this and some of you dont.
a few days ago, i went to arbys and ordered 2 sourdough roastbeef melts.
then i decided for some strange fat person reason, to order 5 regular arbys melts. you know, so i could get the deal. 7 fucking arbys sandwiches. needless to say, this left me feeling a bit strange the rest of night. the end!
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08:45pm 26/05/2004

fucking_hot  To The Max Son!

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Food and Ska TO THE MAX!!!!!! 
12:04am 21/05/2004
mood: hungry TO THE MAX!
"Monday hotdogs, Tuesday tacos, Wedsday hamburgers and chocolate milk,Thursday slopy joes and burritos in a bag, Friday was pizza day the best day of the week, it always came with salad and a side of pork and beans." - The Aquabats!
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but it was all sossoossos good 
01:59pm 29/04/2004
  I just had a fabulous subway salad with
nonfat dressing, turkey and tomato.
Oh! and this extremely low fat/low calorie cookie from Jamba Juice.
and Wow Cow yogurt which is half the calories of original nonfat yogurt.
and Yerba Mate' tea as a spiritual finisher.
I have totally ruined my stay here (in this community) haven't I.
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01:53pm 29/04/2004
mood: hungry
shit i'm fucking hungry i had one crappy ass sandwich oh well i'm talking my fat ass to jack in the box! ! !
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MY fat ass day. continued! 
04:07am 28/04/2004
i just got on the scale.....
i didnt think this was possible...
i gained 6 pounds in ONE FUCKING DAY.

what a disgusting human being i am...

but perfect FATXCORE material!!!
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03:40am 28/04/2004
mood: SWINE
This is so exciting to have been referred to such a community of passionate people...
Such a lack of passion in so many people I know. toothpick sized n all. where do they put their love!!?
Psh just don't understand...
FOOD. is what i live for. yes.
I really want a whole pizza right now.
And those cookies from Jamba Juice.
And some chocolate covered pretzels.
Post period. heh.
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i went to disneyland today, with my pops, and boy did i eat alot 
11:59pm 27/04/2004
mood: FAT!
This is what i consumed today. be warned, a true fat man is among you....

pizza dog
mickey mouse ear tortilla chips
half of an itialian chicken sandwich.
2 glasses of sprite.
vanilla milkshake.
raspberry lemonade icee
bag of red licorice wheels.
4 mozzarella sticks
french fries
chips n guacomole.
tamarind soda!
chicken quesadilla
caramel bread pudding
3 soft tacos
3 hard tacos
del cheeseburger
half an order of chili cheese fries
1 cup of mr pibb
1 cup of root beer
1 cup of cherry coke
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07:32pm 27/04/2004
mood: full
What I just ate:
1. 3 crab cakes
2. lasagna
3. salad
4. 2 pieces of garlic bread
5. two pieces of cheese cake.

Ahhh, I can feel the pain already. Good thing I carry around stomach pills. Hmm, I'm definatly doing the ab slide tonight!
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fat fat fat 
12:08am 27/04/2004
mood: hungry
okay, im updating because my wife says so.


1) thai food - this includes a large order of steamed rice, pad thai (HEAVEN) & what i call chickeny garlicy goodness
2) chili cheese fries from hi-life
3) a giant DiGiorno pizza
4) a chocolate brownie.
5) a pack of lunchables

and im going to the gym tomorrow. which isnt fat of me, but its SO SAD.
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back in business! 
09:28pm 26/04/2004
mood: full
it's time to put fatxcore back in the mix
so this post is to encourage everyone to start posting again

1.5 bowls of corn flakes cereal
3 cups of orange juice
1 medium lemonade from jack in the box
1 medium dr. pepper from jack in the box
1 string cheese
930 pretzels
3 spoons of nutella (pretzels and nutella eaten together)
2-3 handfulls of trail mix
2 pieces of gum
3 large spoonfulls of rice with tomato, zucchini and cheese on top (sounds gross, but SO good)
1 can of cherry vanilla hanesen's soda

... and the day a'int over yet!

- the regulator
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12:25pm 14/04/2004
mood: hungry

hell yea if your happy and your fat clap your fat ass hands together hahahaha this community fucking rips and check out my band we play the xFATxCOREx sound outta hollywood were called The Heavyweights website is www.fatcore.tk so go support that xFATxCOREx shit hell yea lates-DxMxK

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03:52am 13/04/2004
mood: Fat.
so im feeling kinda hungry right? then i am informed by my good friend jeffrey, his father is closing at dominoes pizza... and we all know what that means..... not only are the pizzas/buffalo kickers/cheesy dots/cheesy bread/soda FREE, but we also get to MAKE IT OURSELVES. so naturally, one pizza is a combination of all meats and cheeses avalable, one is vegetarian(for the family). two 2-liters of coke, order of buffalo kickers with cheese, cheesy dots with extra cheese, and cheesy bread with meat and extra cheese. its truly a fat mans dream come true. bye bye low-carbb diet!!
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Give me that beat you, F- DOUBLE O- D,FOOD! 
01:14am 11/04/2004
mood: full
COMIDA, FOOD, SAME THING......Kids, I had IN N OUT for dinner, damn it feels good to be a gansta

12:43pm 10/04/2004
mood: dorky
HOLY CRAP i found a community where i can talk about my luv for food!?? not much recent posts here tho hmmm oh well.

so anyways, little ceasars bread sticks rocked my morning :D

add me if u want to be added... bye muahhhhhhhhh LOVE♥J
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09:20pm 05/03/2004
mood: curious
Last night my mom and I made rice crispy treats...Collapse )
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lifes beauty, summed up. 
11:31pm 24/02/2004
mood: Hungry!!!!!!!
shes dangeresque: i eat when i'm happy
shes dangeresque: i eat when i'm sad
shes dangeresque: i eat
shes dangeresque: because it's good